by Stacey Pelas

S.J.R.P. Custom Creations 


"After losing both of my parents unexpectedly. I've taken what they taught me to heart. I see my painting as a spiritual experience and a useful therapy to cope with that loss. It is what I live and breathe, my joy and my torment all at the same time. I am truly grateful and blessed to do what I LOVE! I want my art to be a reflection of what I believe beauty is and what I hope for others to feel as well."

Local Artist

Stacey Judith Rosales-Pelas (S.J.R.P.) was born to a mexican father and american mother in Monterrey, Mexico and lived there until she was eight years old. She and her family then moved and resided in Tennessee, Arkansas and now, her home of 30 years, in Louisiana. From her earliest memories Stacey was drawn to art, gathering her inspiration from her childhood and life experiences.  Stacey would watch her surroundings with detail, take note of her Dad's sketches, then try her hand at drawing and painting what she saw. During high school Stacey began her Art classes and started the learning process of Art.

With her Mother's passing in 1999, Stacey decided to follow her Mom's advice, "Find, learn and live to do what you love most." It was then that she made her passion for Art a career. Which included studying Art and all of its facets while earning her degree at SLU.

Stacey's favorite medium is textured acrylic. To which she adds her own personal flair and unique touch. She enjoys painting custom pieces on recycled slate, canvas and pottery for her customers. She has been in official business since 2006 and her work is currently in 14 stores and galleries in the New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Natchitoches, Alexandria and Mississippi areas. Her work is perfect for that one of a kind, personal sentiment for anyone looking to give a special original gift.

Stacey loves what she does and is limitless with what she will come up with next.