by Stacey Pelas


-  "I fell in love with your work when a piece was given to us for our wedding. It was my favorite gift." 

 ~Courtney J.

S.J.R.P. Custom Creations 

-  "Thanks again for your wonderful creations...The slate ornaments were a hit and we had the best court gifts of them all."

~ Valerie M.


-  "Dr.___ loved the slate. She started crying as did several of the staff members...It was beautiful!"   

~Sherri S.

- "Thank you for being my go to gift whenever in need of wedding or shower gifts. I just love them. You are a talented lady."  ~Renee T.

- "Your work is whimsy, fun and practical...Which appeals to me and so many people. My collection keeps growing..." 

~ Jan T.